Helicopter Wars

Helicopter Wars 4.1

In Helicopter Wars you have to face several missions commanding helicopters
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Helicopter Wars is a free game where you will have to face several missions commanding helicopters.
There are four available campaigns: Afghanistan, Islands, Europe and the Middle East. You can play on one of three levels of skill: Tourist, Warrior or Hardcore. When you begin the game, you can fly just the Gazelle copter, but once you complete some levels, you will be able to choose out of more maneuverable helicopters. You will have to face powerful enemies and discover many surprises. You can control the helicopter using your mouse and some keys on the keyboard.

You will have to destroy the enemy helicopters, as well as the enemy´s installations on the ground. You are armed with bullets and missiles, and you can buy more ammo when you after completing any level successfully.

Some of the missions can be completed without using helicopters, but commanding combat fighters.

The graphics are very well done, as well as the soundtrack. You will hear the helicopter engines as if you were commanding a real helicopter. You can choose to listen some music, or mute it.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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